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Things you will need…

  • Plastic spray bottle with a pump
  • Essential Oil, such as Lavender, Thyme, Rosemary
    … whatever floats your boat
  • Hot tap water, distilled or filtered water
  • A little borax, approximately 2 tablespoons or

So to begin, you’re going to want to add the hot water to your
spray bottle.  You can use distilled water
because sometimes the minerals in regular tap water can somewhat inhibit
cleaning, however with that said, the borax used and the essential oils should
serve as little powerhouse cleaners.  The
borax is used to soften the water and remove some of those hard water minerals.  The essential oils have natural antiviral and
antibacterial properties, so I really don’t worry too much about using tap
water.  It gets the job done and living
green shouldn’t be such a difficult task.

You can use a regular spray bottle like this one and fill it
up with hot water leaving some space at the top, about an inch or so.

If your using water
from the tap, there’s no need to warm it up.
Hot water from the tap will serve well enough.

With the cap off you can now add your borax.  I added about two tablespoons to this water
in the bottle.  Recap the bottle and swirl it around until it is all dissolved, this only takes about a minute or so…  But! Wait a while for the water to cool down before adding any essential oils, if you add them while the water is hot they dissipate in the steam of the hot water. So just give it a little time till the water is tepid or luke warm. You may want to remove the cap at this time to help speed up this process.

Now all you need to do is add your essential oils… I added 10 drops of Geranium essential oil, 20 drops of Sweet Orange essential oil and 40 drops of Grapefruit essential oil.

This is pretty fragrant, if you want a lighter scent you can, just
decrease the amount of essential oils however, just know that less you use the
less effective your solution will be for creating an antibacterial cleaner.

Then you’ll end up with something like this… your essential
oils sitting on the top of your borax water.

At this time, go ahead and recap…

Afterwards, shake it up!

This is the end result.

The essential oils will separate from the water as it sits
so just shake before use…

Happy Cleaning