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These days it seem like a waiting game, even this morning I awoke with a dull ache in my back accompanied by light pounding in my head and  an apprehension to seize the day.  So I  know that soon, ‘Aunt Flow’, ‘My Friend’ and ‘Visitor’- my period, is on its

For a little over a week I have been experiencing fleeting discomfort of bloating and weight gain and have been walking around on feet I  feel are about to ‘pop’ due to water retention.  Clothes become tighter; I have moments when I want to cry at commercials and moments I feel like choking the person in front of me at the store who is taking so darn long, with their darn coupons!

But these feelings aren’t really representative of me…

These symptoms occur in a lot women…  If you’re one of those women, you know what I mean.

I know what I should do, and then I know what I want to do… So today I am giving myself permission to do both!

Today, I am going to choose me.  But instead of indulging in all those little decadent no-no’s that will just further exacerbate my symptoms, I’m going to throw on some stretchy pants and make some Red Raspberry leaf Tea.

Red Raspberry Leaf is a uterine tonic and should be a staple in every woman’s PMS survival kit.  With trace minerals of Vitamin E, Calcium, Magnesium and Iron it will help replenish my overall well-being and nourish my body as it tends to become even more so anemic around the time of my menstrual cycle.
To even increase the benefits of this nourishing tonic, I’m going to add a little Stinging Nettles and Red Clover to the mix!  Red Clover is good for all stages in a females life- I have three daughters from 10 years old to 17 and they all enjoy a good cup whenever I prepare the infusion.

Today, I’m going to be conscience about my breath and meditate to quiet my mind to escape the “edginess” from the irritability I am experiencing.

I am going to chant the mantra, “I am thankful for being a woman, I am capable of helping and healing my body”.

I am going to lite up an oil diffuser and let the aromatic scent of geranium calm my nerves… Heck if I’m feeling real good I just may whip up some carob-date candy to kill my sweet tooth.

Today, I promise to
be as good to myself as I can be and leading a healthy, holistic lifestyle
allows me provide this to myself.