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As it goes in my quest for finding complete bliss with 4 children, school, dinner and errands to run… I wanted bliss in my own head- silence amid the chaotic, good luck, I thought.  I am taking a class in Ayurvada- the Science of Life.  Our assignment- Chanting.

I practiced the mantra’s or chant’s of ‘Om’, ‘Lum/Lam’, and ‘Shreem’.

Om empowers the spirit and clears the mind.

Shreem increases the power of the feminine for health and beauty.

and, Lam or Lum increases earth… Heaviness, stability, grounding

Honestly, I have to state that I was a little concerned I wasn’t doing it right.  Was I doing it fast enough, slow enough, too loud or to soft?  But I was convinced after finishing my chanting session that I did it right for me…  I knew by the shift I experienced afterwards, a different energy, a more refined, balanced me.

I really liked the ‘Om’ chant and found that it grounded me more so than ‘Lum’.  ‘Om’ seemed to surge through me like an electric current so powerful I felt a need to consciencsley pace myself as my eyes were compelled to connect with my sixth chakra, the third eye. It was an intense feeling, one that could be and was a tad bit overwhelming- but in a good way, concentrated in power and something that I would like to continue working on to reach the higher essence.

‘Lum’ was very subtle, for me at least.  It did bring a heaviness but I wasn’t sure if I liked it as well, as ‘Om’ was a hard act to follow.  I felt to grounded, a little on the lazy side.  Not exactly the realm I want to be in even as a flighty Vata dosha.  I mean I want more focus, just not with more weight.  Am I asking too much?  I found that this mantra was better kept for right before bedtime, to help me unwind and get lazy, at the time I can be!

When I started ‘Shreem’, I didn’t feel a change- that was, until afterwards.  I was wondering when this one was going to kick in…  When would I feel the divine feminine the Goddess inside me show it’s self in all her glory… I must have chanted this one with one eye open, rolling around my eyeball to find out if anything is happening, I mean I wasn’t expecting a total body make over, but I was curious about what this one would do since the other mantras had proven successful.  So my cheeks were still chubby and I stopped after about 5 minutes or so.  It wasn’t until after I got up to experience life after chanting that I noticed an air of confidence in my being.  I felt beautiful and walked tall.  I felt a complete love for myself for the way I was at that second… ‘more to love’, short, voluptuous if I may say so myself.  I had complete acceptance and gratitude to be in my own skin and the ever constant desire to be something I was not had all disappeared…

At one point in chanting I connected the mantras all together and it sounded ‘OmLumShreem…’, ‘OmLumShreem’, ‘OmLumShreem’.  I enjoyed them like a shower, feeling revitalized, confident and centered ready to start my day!  I will continue chanting mantra’s and exploring more.  I want to get to know them better.

Peace, Love and Happy Chanting!