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My son loves ‘Super Why’ and was watching it this morning on PBS.  Today I became a huge fan of this station even more so as they covered a piece with a natropathic doctor who discussed herbs and ‘places’ (meridians) on the body.  The children were very receptive, I mean I know this is a show but I really feel that this would of course happen in real life.  Opening up a little persons mind to the ‘real world’ and what life has to offer is motivating to me.  I am totally not opposed to make-believe and like to practice that all the time, but I think that exposing our children to the wonderful truths life has to offer keeps them more engaged with the important stuff.

Later, they aired a piece on gardening.  Yeah, they are short pieces like the length of 2 or 3 commercials but it’s about time that we devote at least tiny pieces to sustainability, health and how Mother Nature gives.  It provides a good window to enlighten and excite children to participate in healthy activities.  It’s a perfect segway and opportunity for parents to open up a dialog on why these things in our life are so important.  The future in this planet is truly in their hands.

And on that note, my son and I are going to the garden.

Peace, Love and Education!