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 Flower and Gem Essences are so fascinating, I’m vastly becoming carried away with all of the wonderfull things you can do with them.  This is information on a Flower and Gem Essences that pertain specifically to women and the health imbalances that we may experience throughout our life.

Flower Essences for Women’s Health: Pomegranate essence is the universal women’s essence. Use squash as a hormone balancer and mallow for the emotions of menarche. For pregnancy and fertility, use blackberry or watermelon, and fig for birthing.

Gemstones and Gem Essences: Gem essences for menstruation include beryl, coral , jade, kunzite or pink tourmaline. Hold or wear the following: For PMS, kunzite; for water retention, jade; for cramps or PMS, chrysocolla or turquoise; for menstrual cycle balancing, moonstone; to bring on the menses, garnet.

Essences for Menopause

Flower Essences: Pomegranate for overall wellness and balance. Use henna for change of life identity crisis, or mallow for fear of aging, stress and a pituitary and endocrine tonic. Use spruce for cervical dysplasia or precancerous states of the breasts or reproductive organs.

Gemstones and Gem Essences: Use the metal gold in essence for hot flashes, or kunzite for hormone balancing. For cervical dysplasia try in essence azureite-malechite, beryl, herkimer diamond, lapis lazuli, mooonstone, blue tourmaline. Wear or hold garnet, moonstone, blue tourmaline kunzite or pink tourmaline in menopause.

Resource: The Natural Remedy Book for Women by Diane Stein

Flower and Gem Essences may be taken in water or other beverage or directly under the tongue. They also work very well when applied directly to acupressure points.%

via April’s Aromablog.